Engaging the community through art

First City Art Center (FCAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit art center in Pensacola, FL engaging the community through a broad range of workshops, classes, studio spaces, gallery exhibits, fundraising events, summer camp, youth art program, outreach programs, and field trips. FCAC provides a variety of opportunities for people to interact with art. We offer classes and workshops in glass blowing, glass bead making, stained glass, sculpture, pottery on the wheel, hand-built pottery, drawing, painting, and various other mediums.

FCAC cultivates a creative culture, inviting people of all backgrounds, ages, and skill levels to explore, participate and experiment with art. We encourage a cooperative environment that nurtures the artist and the observer while building a community around the arts that provides open dialogue, camaraderie, public service, education, fellowship and mentorship programs. FCAC serves approximately 10,000 adults and children each year. First City Art Center is an active, dynamic and exciting resource for the community.

FCAC hosts four popular fundraising events:

Hot Glass Cold Brew, is held 3 times annually throughout the winter and spring months, and features live glassblowing and ceramic demonstrations. The annual Pumpkin Patch event is held in October, and features work by over 50 local artists – these artists collectively make and sell thousands of pumpkins and each year attendance grows. These cultural experiences have a fun energy that make guests feel like they are part of something interesting and important. We are actively helping to build the economic vitality of Pensacola by bringing people from outside of the area to attend events and experience art, in addition to strengthening the local community of artists in the Gulf Coast region.

Our collaborations with other community and non-profit organizations have provided us with some of our greatest successes. Over the years, we have continually strengthened and diversified our offerings in the arts. It is because of our core values that we maintain our vitality, enriching the area through arts education, outreach, and consistently well-attended events that provide entertainment for all ages.

Learn more about First City Art Center and their various programs here.