Pensacola’s Only Modern Art Gallery

ICON Modern Art Gallery in Historic Downtown Pensacola is a small business gallery that focuses on sales and promotion of local and regional artists. Having opened their doors in September 2023, they are fairly new but they have had quite a positive response from the local community.

Local artists are able to submit their work for the opportunity of being displayed in their gallery. Each piece selected is then able to be viewed for the entirety of the month. Best of all, it gives these talented and local artists the chance to sell their own work! We also have a solo artist exhibition that goes on simultaneously. The artist is able to rent the room for the month and bring sole focus to their work with the space.

Each month offers a different theme for the show. The show’s are juried and all entry fees go directly towards the prize money of the winners. We then have a wonderful reception with food, drinks and music! It has been an exciting start for ICON and we want to share that with as many people as possible.

Click here to view ICON’s 2024 Gallery Calendar.

If you are an artist, and would like to display your art, learn more below and visit their website for contact info.

How is ICON Modern Art Gallery Different? 

ICON Modern Art Gallery is the only for-profit gallery in Pensacola. All other galleries are either nonprofit or not-for-profit. Being for profit, we do everything we can to promote and sell the art of our artists.

What Kind of Art does ICON Modern Art Accept?

We accept paintings, photographs, sculptures, and mixed media. We ask that art be modern and fit the theme of the show. ICON Modern Art Gallery reserves the right to remove any art found to be inappropriate. If you have a question, please reach out to us.

How Does One Submit Art? 

Look out for our Call to Artists. On drop-off day, bring your art to ICON Modern Art Gallery. You will fill out the drop-off form and pay the entry fee and you will be set.

What are fees/entry commissions for artists?

Entry fees are $25 per piece of art, and $35 for oversized pieces. ICON retains 25% of the sale price in commission on all art sold.